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Bandarban has become full of tourists during the continuous holidays

The hilly district of Bandarban has become crowded with tourists on February 21 and consecutive holidays of Friday-Saturday. To see the green mountains and the sky, nature lovers flock to this district surrounded by mountains.

Various tourist spots including Meghla, Neelachal, Shailprapat, Chimbuk, Nilgiris are bustling with tourists. After a long time, these tourist centers have become a gathering place for women, men, children and the elderly on a three-day holiday. They are fascinated by the mountains, rivers, springs and beautiful forms of nature.

Tourist Subrata Das, who came to Nilachal from Mymensingh district, told Bangla News, “Bandarban is a very beautiful district. Whenever I get a vacation, I visit Bandarban first. I have been to Bandarban several times before. However, I keep coming back here again and again because of the mountains, rivers, and the natural beauty.”

Tourist Tahsin, who came to Bandarban from Lal Khan Bazar in Chittagong, informed Bangla News, “We came to Bandarban with our family for a trip on February 21st and Friday-Saturday. We are having a lot of fun exploring here. If we plan and develop the environment and natural beauty of Bandarban, it will become even more attractive to the world. This will increase the influx of tourists to this district.”

Previously, various tourist spots in Bandarban were restricted by the administration for a long time. Recently (January 22), all tourist spots in Bandarban have been opened to tourists, leading to an increase in the number of tourists in the district.

Focusing on the holiday season, hotels, motels, and resorts in Bandarban have been fully booked to accommodate tourists. On the other hand, hotels and motels are busy upgrading their services to provide more modern facilities and enhance convenience for tourists.

The manager of Hill View Residential Hotel in Bandarban Sadar, Mr. Parvez, said, “Our hotel is 100% booked on February 21st and 70% booked on February 23-24. We expect more tourists in the coming days.”

Mr. Jasim Uddin, the organizational editor of the Hotel Owners and Residential Hotel and Resort Owners Association in Bandarban Sadar, said, “On February 21, 22, and 23, most of the rooms in our hotels and most hotels in the district have been booked in advance. And directives have been given from the committee to further improve the quality of service for incoming tourists.

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