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Climate Change Poses Highest Risk to Bangladesh.

Among the countries most vulnerable to the long-term impacts of global climate change-induced disasters, Bangladesh stands out. To tackle the risks of climate change, there needs to be a concerted effort from everyone alongside the creation of global awareness.

On Friday (April 19), speakers at a skill development workshop organized by the private development organization Adams emphasized these points.

Under the Multi-Actor Partnership Project, skill development workshops have been organized to enhance resilience to climate change in Bangladesh and promote national capacity building to address climate change-induced losses and damages.

The main guest at the workshop was Advocate Memory Sufia Rahman, panel mayor of Khulna City Corporation.

Special guests included Ms. Laura Maria Schaefer, a representative of the German watch, and Miss Vera Teresa Kunjel.

Presentations were given at the skill development workshop by Associate Professor Rabea Sultanah of the Department of Environmental Science at Khulna University (KU) and Assistant Professor Md. Riyad Hossain of the Department of Disaster Management at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET).

The workshop was chaired by S.M. Ali Aslam, Managing Director of Adams.

Government officials, employees of local and international non-governmental organizations, representatives of civil society, private sector representatives, and journalists from various media outlets attended the workshop.

The project is being implemented locally by Adams, nationally by IUCN, and internationally by German watch. The purpose of the workshop is to increase the knowledge and skills of participants regarding the impacts of climate change and its losses, economic and non-economic issues, national and international policies, international initiatives to combat losses, and national policies to address losses in Bangladesh.

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