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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina chaired a cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday (June 3, 2024) morning.

During this meeting, various important issues of the government were discussed. Cabinet members reviewed the progress of various developmental projects and initiatives under the direction of the Prime Minister. Additionally, important decisions were made regarding the upcoming year’s budget allocation, improvements in healthcare and education sectors, and overall infrastructure development in the country.

Prime Minister emphasized on the economic progress of the country and urged everyone to work together for the improvement of every citizen’s standard of living. She stated, “The goal of our current government is to build a developed, prosperous, and disciplined Bangladesh.” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina further added, “We must all work together so that every person in the country can benefit from development.”

Several other ministers, deputy ministers, and relevant officials were present at the meeting. At the end of the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thanked everyone and expressed a firm commitment to working together in the coming days.

Through this meeting, the government has prepared to take several more important steps for the welfare of the people, which will contribute to the overall development of the country.

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