Govt extends holiday for all educational institutions again
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Govt extends holiday for all educational institutions again

The Ministry of Education has decided to extend the ongoing holiday of all institutions across Bangladesh till June 30. The public relations officer of the Ministry of Education said this on Saturday (June 12).

At this time, all the educational institutions of secondary and higher secondary level of the country and Ebtedai and Qaumi Madrasas will be closed.

The holiday has been extended in view of the deteriorating Corona situation in different parts of the country and partial strict lockdown in some parts of the country, taking into account the health and overall safety of students, teachers, staff and parents and in consultation with the National Advisory Committee on Covid-19.

Earlier, it was decided to close schools, colleges and universities till June 12.

The country’s educational institutions have been closed for about 15 months due to coronavirus. Due to this, about four crore students from primary to higher education are facing serious problems.

The country’s educational institutions have been closed since March 16 last year. After extending the holiday in several steps, all secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions will be reopened from May 23 this year, the education minister said on March 25.

During the second wave of corona in the country, the holiday was extended till May 29. As the infection rate was not under control, the leave was extended till June 12. Today it was extended again till June 30.

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