Erdogan-Biden constructive' meeting at NATO summit
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Erdogan-Biden constructive meeting at NATO summit

Positive meetings between the presidents of Turkey and the United States are expected to end tensions between the two countries in recent times.

In the run-up to the NATO summit, President Biden told reporters that their talks had been positive and fruitful and that he hoped real success could be achieved with Turkey.

President Erdogan said, “We do not think that there can be any unresolved issue between Turkey and the United States. “Both countries have a strong desire to start all over again, depending on mutual dignity and interests.”

They made the remarks at a news conference following a meeting of the military alliance NATO in Brussels on Monday.

Erdogan said, “The Biden administration has two demands,”. That is, in all cases, Turkey’s financial and political sovereignty must be respected, and the United States must help us in our fight against terrorist organizations. “

However, there are still differences between the two countries on various issues. For example, Erdogan believes that action should be taken against all groups of Kurds in Syria. Because, they support the terrorist organization PKK. But America supports some Kurdish organizations. Because, according to America, those organizations are fighting against IS.

Erdogan has repeatedly spoken out against US-Israeli policy. He is opposed to supporting Israel.

Before coming to power, Biden called Erdogan a dictator in an interview in 2019. He also spoke out in support of Erdogan’s opponents in Turkey. On the other hand, after his inauguration at the White House, world leaders congratulated Biden, but Erdogan took the time to send a congratulatory message. Under such circumstances, the two leaders met in Brussels.

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