Taliban occupied Important Afghan-Pakistani border crossing
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Taliban occupied Important Afghan-Pakistani border crossing

The Afghan militant group Taliban on Wednesday (July 14th) demanded the capture of a key border crossing with Pakistan. Reuters reported the border crossing is known as an important trade route between southern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Reuters said that Afghan government troops at the crucial transit point surrendered to the Taliban on Wednesday morning. Hours later, Taliban fighters demanded the capture of a border crossing with Pakistan.

Spin Boldak, a district town in Kandahar province, fell to the Taliban during the occupation of a border crossing with Pakistan. However, Afghan government officials did not immediately comment anything.

A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said in a statement that the Mujahideen had captured a key border town, Wesh, in Kandahar province. With this, an important road between Spin Boldak-Chaman-Kandahar Customs has come under the control of the fighters. ‘

According to the Afghan government, Pakistan is connected to Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asian countries through this important border crossing. About 900 trucks pass through this crossing every day.

According to Reuters, Taliban fighters are occupying border crossings and checkpoints in Afghanistan with various countries as planned. Because through this they will be able to earn huge amount of revenue from these border crossings and check posts. None of which will go to the Afghan government’s coffers.

Shafiqullah Attari, chairman of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said: However, due to the occupation, the revenue has already started flowing into the pockets of the Taliban.

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