Clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban over control important cities
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Clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban over control important cities

Afghan forces and Taliban fighters are battling for control of three key cities in southern and western Afghanistan. This information was given in the report of BBC online on Sunday.

According to the BBC, Taliban fighters have infiltrated several areas of Herat, Lashkar Gah and Kandahar city.

The Taliban have stepped up attacks on government forces and re-established control in various parts of the country since the announcement of the withdrawal of almost all foreign troops from Afghanistan by September this year.

The Taliban have already established their control, especially in rural Afghanistan. They are now trying to capture important cities.

A Kandahar lawmaker said, the Taliban could take control of the southern city at any time. Meanwhile, millions of people in Kandahar have fled their homes to avoid clashes.

He said, “Every moment the situation is getting worse. I have not seen such a terrible clash inside the city in the last 20 years. The Taliban want to make Kandahar their temporary capital. Occupying this city is very important for them. If Kandahar falls to the Taliban, we will lose five to six more provinces in the vicinity. “

Thomas Nicholson, the European Union’s special envoy to Afghanistan said, he feared the war would get worse. In an interview with the BBC, he said his idea was for the Taliban to re-establish an Islamic emirate.

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