Trial of Bangabandhu's assassination is still incomplete
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Trial of Bangabandhu’s assassination is still incomplete

Only those directly involved in the assassination of Bangabandhu have been punished. But many questions still do not match. On the first day of the month of mourning, August, the beginning and end of the Bangabandhu assassination were discussed with teachers, political analysts, political scientists, historians and academics of the Department of International Relations at Dhaka University.

They said that only those who were directly involved in the killings were brought to justice. The other side has survived the trial. So, this judgment cannot be called a perfect judgment. Last year, Law Minister Anisul Haque said, the government had decided to form a commission of inquiry into the matter. Although the organization formed by Bangabandhu is in power, no commission of inquiry has been formed in the last one year.

Dhaka University teacher Professor. Imtiaz Ahmed said, “Research is needed to find out why this heinous murder took place, how the background was created, who was behind it,” he said. Those involved were only brought to justice, punished. But it is very difficult to say or think that such incidents have been committed by only a few members of the military. ‘

The politician from the Department of International Relations said, ‘Politicians who encouraged, even we hear foreign talk that a number of countries or their individuals were involved. But those have not yet been cleared on a large scale. However, I do not know whether those involved will be tried in the future. That may be another matter, but more research is needed. “

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka. AAMS Arefin Siddiqui said, ‘The trial of this murder has taken place after the assassination of Bangabandhu. Some of the killers have been punished. Some have fled. This is a situation where there is no satisfaction. This is our duty as a nation. ‘He said,’ Bangabandhu is the father of the nation. He was murdered. This murder is not a common murder. A father of the nation has been killed along with his family. Who was then the head of government, the head of state. Therefore, to be judged here, to be punished is a constitutional provision. We have not been able to fulfill this responsibility for a long time. Was tarnished by the issuance of a constitutional ordinance. We are in a situation where we are free from that. ‘

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