The government has introduced 'Liberation War Medal'
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The government has introduced ‘Liberation War Medal’

The government has introduced the ‘Liberation War Medal’ to honor and encourage the important contribution and glorious role of individuals and organizations / institutions in preserving the memory of the great liberation war and the development of consciousness at the state level.

According to a press release of the ministry, Liberation War medals will be awarded in 6 categories. These are: role in organization of freedom struggle and liberation war, direct participation in liberation war and heroic role, implementation of post-independence liberation war consciousness, liberation war / liberation literature, liberation war based films / documentaries / dramas / cultural activities, liberation war and independence research and liberation war Memory preservation. Besides, the medal will be given in any other case determined by the government.

The ‘Liberation War Medal’ will be officially awarded on December 15 every year. The medalists will be given a medal made of 25 grams of 18 carat gold, a replica of the medal and Rs 2 lakh in cash.

To be eligible for the medal, the person nominated for the medal at the individual level must be a citizen of Bangladesh. However, this medal can also be given to foreign nationals who have made significant contribution in the great liberation war. In order to award the medal, importance will be given to the achievements and contribution of the overall life of the person. In the case of non-governmental organizations or institutions – must be a government-recognized organization or a well-known organization during or after the war. We have to be unique in playing a leading role in the implementation of the spirit of the liberation war.

In the case of government departments, agencies or institutions, the ministry / division, departments, agencies or institutions under the ministry department will be considered to have directly contributed to the development of the consciousness of the war of liberation.

However, no person or organization convicted of anti-state activities / criminal offenses or convicted of a criminal offense or bankrupt will be considered for the award. Once awarded, the person or organization will not be considered for the same medal again in the next 10 years and no person or organization who is against the spirit of liberation war will be given this medal.

The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs will invite nominations for the Liberation War Medal at certain times of the year. The call for nominations will be widely disseminated through print and electronic media.

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