There must be transparency in the work: Cabinet Secretary
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There must be transparency in the work: Cabinet Secretary

Stand in front of the mirror every day and do what you did all day. Haram and bribery will not be the prayers. Resources are limited in all countries. Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam has instructed the project managers to use the resources properly.

He was speaking as a special guest at an exchange meeting on project management and implementation of National Integrity Strategy at the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) building in Agargaon on Saturday (September 4).

The meeting was attended by 76 project directors of LGED. Addressing the project directors, Khandaker Anwarul Islam said, “There is a clear mention in our religion that prayers will not be performed if it is forbidden.”

Not only that, if a cloth bought with illegal money touches another cloth, it will become unclean. Stand in front of the mirror every day to see what you have done all day.

Ask yourself questions. As far as I know, the LGED project is implemented in accordance with the law. Even then a lot of things are done within the law I keep informed. Now I will search more accurately. If any error is found, there is no relief. You are an engineer. I was a science student. I am also a half engineer. The government has increased our salaries a lot, but if anyone is caught stealing, direct action will be taken.’

Expressing displeasure with LGED’s project managers, the cabinet secretary said, “Sir (Dhaka: Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Md. Tajul Islam) is being humiliated by the Prime Minister because of you.” Sarato does not implement the project. You implement the project. So far LGED has not been able to come up with a master plan.

LGED must have a master plan. There are many objections to LGED’s work. Transparency must be brought in the work.’

Elaborating on his experience, the cabinet secretary said, “I was the secretary of the bridge department for six long years.” Then the Padma Bridge project was taken up. Proper feasibility study of Padma Bridge project is done. The Padma Bridge project is a landmark for the country.

The project was taken up in 2012. The cost of the main bridge is Tk 12,700 crore. The cost did not vary much from this. Many projects are taken without feasibility study. He also claimed that the increase in time and cost of the project was a form of corruption.’

He added that a tunnel is being constructed under the Karnafuli river after proper feasibility study. As a result, time-expenditure is not increasing. But many projects from LGED are being done for feasibility study and as a result time and cost is increasing. Why spend more time on small projects. He said he would have to bear the cost if the project was revised again and again.

Why do projects need to be revised again and again? The project has to be implemented after proper feasibility study. The work of LGED is very important. If I commit corruption, I will catch it from now on. Purchasing is also being done very carefully now. There is no forgiveness if you can catch corruption.’

The Cabinet Secretary wants to know the definition of the National Integrity Strategy (NIS) and the project. However, many PDs could not answer as expected.

Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives (LGED) Minister Md. Tajul Islam.

Gazipur City Corporation Mayor Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Planning Secretary Mohammad Zainul Bari and others also spoke.

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