Rocket attack from Gaza Israel countered
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Rocket attack from Gaza, Israel countered

Israel has claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on a Jewish-populated area in Israel from Gaza on Sunday night. However, they said, it was possible to deactivate the rockets before they hit. Israel has since targeted Hamas bases in Gaza.

The Defense Ministry claims that a warplane hit a Hamas building in Gaza. Israel alleges that terrorist activities were carried out from there. However, there were no reports of casualties in the airstrikes.

The Israeli military claims that Hamas built rockets, stockpiled weapons, carried weapons through tunnels and provided military training to terrorists. They said terrorists would attack civilians, which the military would never accept.

Tensions are rising again between Israel and Palestine. Last Monday, five Palestinians escaped from an Israeli prison. Israeli security forces recaptured them. Israel alleges they are all terrorists. Hamas has been firing rockets for three consecutive days since Friday night.

Earlier, Israeli guards opened fire on protesters in the Gaza Strip, killing one. All these incidents have added to the tension.

A few days ago, there was an 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas. 243 people died. Both sides have claimed victory in the battle. Then the clashes stopped, but minor incidents were happening. Disputes began to escalate again last week.

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