North Korea's cruise missile test
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North Korea’s cruise missile test

North Korea has tested a long-range cruise missile. The country’s state media reported this on Monday. In response, the United States says the nuclear-armed country has become a threat to its neighbors and others.

The official Korean Central News Agency said the cruise missile test was carried out on Saturday and Sunday.

The missile is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 1,500 km or 930 miles. It is also capable of striking many parts of Japan.

Pictures of the test of the new long-range cruise missile have been published in Rodong Sinmun. It referred to the missile as an “important strategic weapon.” The media reported that the test was a success, as it was a more effective way of defending against enemy forces.

Analysts, meanwhile, see the test as evidence of North Korea’s progress in weapons technology.

North Korea has not violated UN Security Council resolutions by testing cruise missiles. This is because the UN Security Council has banned North Korea from testing ballistic missiles. Ballistic missiles are considered a bigger threat than cruise missiles.

However, the country has violated UN Security Council resolutions by conducting prohibited weapons tests and imposing strict sanctions.

Despite tough sanctions, North Korea’s test of a cruise missile has shown that the country is capable of developing weapons despite food shortages and an economic crisis.

The United States has said that tests of cruise missiles have raised concerns that the country continues to focus on its military program. North Korea has become a threat to its neighbors and the international community.

The country has also reiterated its commitment to protecting its allies South Korea and Japan.

Incumbent US President Joe Biden has repeatedly expressed interest in meeting with North Korean envoy Sung Kim Pyongyang at any-time, anywhere. But so far, there has been no positive response from North Korea.

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