Even if the subsidy increases the price of fertilizer will not increase: Razzak
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Even if the subsidy increases, the price of fertilizer will not increase: Razzak

Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak has said that the Prime Minister has promised not to increase the price of fertilizer even though the subsidy has increased several times. He was speaking to reporters at a press conference at the Secretariat on Wednesday after he visited the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Asked whether the increase in diesel prices would have an impact on agriculture, the Agriculture Minister said, “There will be an impact, there is no way to deny it. Thus our farmers are afflicted with various problems. They do not get the price of the crop during the peak season. That is why we are talking about processing agricultural products. ‘

“We want to make sure that the price of fertilizer was, 250, 230, 270, now it is 800, 900. Quadrupled. We subsidize Surrey 900 crore rupees. This time I think we have to pay 20 thousand crore rupees. However, the Prime Minister has told us that he will not raise the fertilizer price.

The agriculture minister said that 40 percent of the country’s irrigation machines are powered by electricity. But there will be problems in the case of diesel. Let’s see if the price trend is low if the government will reduce the price of diesel.

Highlighting the problem of subsidizing diesel, the agriculture minister said it could not be controlled. Will sell it. Talking about irrigation, he will use diesel for other purposes. It will be difficult to subsidize diesel.

Asked about the government’s plan to stop tobacco cultivation, Razzak said, “I do not encourage tobacco cultivation from the Ministry of Agriculture. Our policy decision is to discourage it. Even after that some of our people still smoke. At our policy decision policy level, we will gradually come out of tobacco. Tobacco will not be a crop in this country.

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