Highest number of Corona infections in the UK in a single day
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Highest number of Corona infections in the UK in a single day

The daily Corona infections has broken all previous records in the UK. The country saw the highest number of infections and deaths in a single day since the start of the epidemic on Thursday.

According to official figures, 1,89,213 people were diagnosed with corona in the UK on the same day, and 332 died in the country from the disease. The National Health Service (NHS), the country’s public health authority, said in the last two years of the epidemic the United States has not had so many infections and deaths in a single day.

At present the number of active corona patients in the country is 23 lakh 27 thousand 923 people. Of these, 11,452 have been admitted to the hospital due to serious illness in Corona till last Thursday, which is about 4,500 more than last week.

Most of those currently being identified as corona positive in the UK are infected with the variant of the virus, Omicron. According to a recent study, this Omicron is 70 times more contagious than SARS-COV-2 or the original coronavirus.

However, experts say that although the virus has the potential to spread at an alarming rate, it is less lethal than the original coronavirus and its variants alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries in the world that has been experiencing the worst disaster in Corona since the Corona epidemic began in 2020. A total of 1 crore 27 lakh 38 thousand 50 people have been infected with corona in the country so far and a total of 1 lakh 48 thousand 421 people have died from this disease.

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