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BNP’s statement about 30 seats applies to them: Information Minister

In response to BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s statement, Awami League will not get more than 30 seats if the elections are held under a caretaker government, Information Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Hashan Mahmud said that this applies to BNP. History is the witness to this. Hashan Mahmud was the chief guest at the 18th-anniversary ceremony of the private university University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) at Mohammadpur in the capital on Saturday afternoon. When the journalists asked the information minister about the speech of the Secretary-General of BNP in Gazipur yesterday, he said this. Hashan Mahmud said that from 2006 to 2008, BNP leader Khaleda Zia said many times that Awami League will not get even 30 seats if there is a fair, free and impartial election. 2008 was the fairest, free and impartial election in the country’s history. Such a cruel irony of fate that the BNP got only 29 seats in that election, not even 30 seats. So, what Mirza Fakhrul Sahib has said applies to BNP.

The information minister expressed hope that in the next election, the Awami League will form the government under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina by achieving a landslide victory. BNP will not allow elections to take place without a caretaker government, the information minister said to journalists, they can dream, there is nothing wrong with dreaming. But this dream is a nightmare for them. Because it will never materialize.

Stating that there is no opportunity to go back to the caretaker government system according to the law, the Joint General Secretary of the Awami League said, ‘In other democratic countries such as India, England, Australia, Japan, and European countries, the way elections are held under the Election Commission, the ruling government serves as the government during the election. Elections will be held in the same way in the country.’

Journalists want to know from the information minister – ‘Is BNP pushing politics towards conflict or not? Hasan Mahmud said BNP wants conflict. They are pushing politics towards conflict. They have killed their workers in Munshiganj, will kill them in the future, and will try to blame the government. They do these politics. They were the ones who did the grenade attack on 21 August. Ahsan Ullah Master, Kibria Sahib was also killed by them. The information minister said that BNP does the politics of killing. Ziaur Rahman also seized power through assassination. Begum Jia did not go short. They do conflict politics; they want to create conflict situations. But the people of the country will not let that happen. Earlier, Hasan Mahmud gave a speech as the chief guest at the anniversary ceremony of Ulab. Referring to the university as a factory to make people perfect, the information minister said to the students that life is a battlefield. To push upstream, to move against the current. Those who take life as a battlefield can win in life. Many loved ones may be lost on the way of life, but the war cannot be stopped even if it stops for a while.

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