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There will be no famine in Bangladesh: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Reassuring the countrymen amid the global economic crisis, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the footsteps of famine are being heard worldwide. Insha Allah, there will be no famine in Bangladesh. You have to prepare for that from now. He also said, ‘Our economy is still strong enough. Many people said Sri Lanka will be, this will be, that will be, their faces are ashen. It didn’t happen, God willing, and it won’t happen. The prime minister said this at the grand gathering organized on the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh Awami Jubo League at Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital on Friday afternoon. Preparations have been going on for several days with the goal of a big gathering on the occasion of Jubo League’s 50th anniversary. Yesterday at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan, the grand gathering was scheduled to begin at 2.30 pm. But since morning, Jubo League leaders and supporters from all over the country including the capital started coming to Suhrawardy Udyan. The central organization Awami League also participated in the gathering. At one stage, outside the gathering place of Suhrawardy Udyan, Shah Bagh, Dhaka University area, Matsya Bhavan, Ramna, and surrounding areas were filled with people. Many people bring buses, trucks, and pickups from far away. They were also seen to be kept four to five kilometers away from Suhrawardy Udyan. Many people came from Barisal for the launch. Many people who came to the rally said that their journey had started the previous night. Due to the rally, there was a traffic jam in various areas of the capital even on a holiday yesterday. Before the main event, speeches by Jubo League leaders, cultural programs, and other performances were held. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reached the rally venue around 2:30 pm. He then inaugurated the event by flying pigeons and balloons. At the end of the speech of the chief guest, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assured the leaders and workers of the party that no one can stop the progress of Bangladesh. He said about the criticism of the opposition, “No matter what they say, there is nothing to be confused about. We are moving forward. We will move on. Sheikh Hasina commented that critics of development are blind to having eyes. He said the landless got a house. There will be no poor people in the country. Bangladesh can. Like the father of the nation, he also believes that no one can keep Bangladesh under control. Reserve money has been invested in the country Explaining the expenditure of reserve money, the head of government said, “All the edible oil has to be brought from outside.” Due to Corona, we have not received any industrial equipment for two years. It comes two years after the whole world opened up. We have to use our reserves. Out of that, we have invested 8 billion dollars in various sectors. It will not happen if you keep the reserve. It should be used. We are using it in different ways. That is also our reserve. Highlighting the reserve investment information, the Prime Minister said that the government bought aircraft with its own money. Biman has been given a loan for this. They are returning that money with 2 percent interest. Pyara river dredging has been done at their own expense. Otherwise, this money had to be taken from foreign banks. Then the dollar had to be returned with interest. Today the government is borrowing from its banks. The Prime Minister said, ‘I have used from my reserve. As a result, the house money stays in the house. Interest money is also in our house. There is no waste. In this way, we are using the money for the welfare of the people of our country. Criticism does not go well on the face of BNP Referring to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s conviction in the embezzlement case of orphans, Sheikh Hasina said that the person who replaced her (Khaleda) is one step higher. Tarek Zia has been convicted in a money laundering case, 10 truck weapons case, and a grenade attack case. Criticism of the Awami League does not suit those whose leaders are accused of murder, money laundering, and illegal arms smuggling cases. Pointing to Khaleda Zia and Tariq Rahman, the Prime Minister also commented that the country will not progress if they country passes by passing the eighth class and failing the SSC. Stating that Padma Bridge has been built with its funding and a road communication network with the whole country has been built, the Prime Minister said that the Canadian court has ruled that there was no corruption in Padma Bridge. There is another verdict in the Federal Court of Canada—that BNP is a terrorist organization. Referring to BNP, Sheikh Hasina said, “Our goal is to make the economy dynamic.” Those who were in power, after earning thousands of crores of rupees through corruption and looting, are now doing various conspiracies abroad. No one can stop the progress of Bangladesh. The Awami League president praised Jubo League for standing by the people in natural disasters including corona infection. Jubo League has taken an active role in everything from treating patients, burying bodies, and delivering food to homes. Sheikh Hasina said that Awami League and its allied organizations rushed to the call of humanity in the storm and flood. The Prime Minister said that the youth should be focused on the work of building the country, “The power of the youth is the prosperity of Bangladesh.” We have to serve our country and its people. I would request the youth for that – we should not be dependent on each other. Must be self-reliant. ‘Addressing the leaders and workers of the Jubo League, the Prime Minister said, “Everyone, whether you are here or outside, go to your village. It should be seen that there is no land left uncultivated. You have to cultivate your land. Every Jubo League worker has to make arrangements to make other’s land productive. The Prime Minister urged the youth to stay away from terrorism, militancy, and drugs to build a corruption-free country. He said, for this, every leader and worker of the Jubo League has to pledge. It should work that way.

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