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Start the election journey by skipping the march: Obaidul Quader said to BNP

Awami League General Secretary Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader advised BNP to start the election journey if it wants to come to power. He said, ‘BNP has drowned in the Bay of Bengal. Hence conspiracies, anarchy, protests, agitations, and marches. Obaidul Quader said to BNP, “Awami League, Sheikh Hasina will not stay in power by force. But if you want to come to power, you must come by by-election. If the people vote, if the election can be won, then we will leave. He said these things in the President’s speech at the opening ceremony of the construction of Line-1 of the country’s first underground metro rail on Thursday. The inauguration ceremony was held at Rajuk Commercial Plot in Narayanganj Rupganj in the Purbachal New City Project area around 11 o’clock today. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was the chief guest. The bridge minister said that the inauguration of the development works done by Sheikh Hasina has just started. And BNP is burning with the fire of this inauguration. BNP is now under fire. Padma Bridge, Metrorail, Karnaphuli Tunnel, 100 Bridges – BNP is only burning in these developments. Those who cannot bear these achievements and the development of Sheikh Hasina are suffering from an inner burn. On the other hand, he mentioned that Ruppur, Matarbari, Payra, Rampal, Samudrasima, and Shimantajai were all achievements of Sheikh Hasina. He said to the people present at the meeting that Sheikh Hasina’s development program will not be stopped in any way, “You will not be afraid.” BNP first started with protests. And now he is doing a silent walk. BNP has lost its way and is now marching in silence. Their death march has begun. BNP’s agitation, 10th red card, ousting of Sheikh Hasina, return of Tariq Rahman, sitting on the throne of Khaleda Zia, their 54 parties, 27 points, 14 points – all these are fake, he said. Obaidul Quader said, “A politician only thinks about the next election. But Sheikh Hasina thinks for the future generation. If Sheikh Hasina is there, this country will never lose its way. Next January, BNP’s conspiracy, militancy, fire-terrorism, corruption, and money laundering will be played against, he warned. The bridge minister also said, ‘So many people have gathered here that the rally has turned into a public meeting. So, I also spoke in a public meeting style. We need smart workers in smart Bangladesh. The leader is one of us. She is Sheikh Hasina. And we are all his workforce. We will all go under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, he asked. The Japanese government is still standing by the side of Bangladesh despite the various obstacles and conspiracies in the construction of the metro rail. Thanking the Japanese government for this reason, he said, “Among the ongoing projects in the country, there is no other expensive project like Metrorail.” 52 thousand crore rupees are being spent on metro rail. Of this, the Japanese government is giving 40 thousand crore rupees. Thanks to the Japanese government. They are important collaborators in the development of our country. He also said that Japan has also assured to do the work of a 6-lane road from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar. Obaidul Quader said that Bangladesh has entered the era of the underground metro from the era of the flying metro, “MRT Line-1 will be an underground railway. 21 km of the 31 km railway of the two parts will be the subway. And the remaining 10 km will be the runway. By 2031, the capital Dhaka and its surroundings are going to be equipped with modern public transport through development works like Metrorail. MRT Line-6 will reach Motijheel from Agargaon by next December, he said.

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