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People’s trust in Awami League should be maintained: Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has ordered to strengthen the party and its affiliated organizations from the grassroots. He said, Reorganize every organization from the grassroots. Because Awami League is the only party that cares about the welfare of Bangladesh. He gave this order when senior leaders of Awami League and its affiliated organizations came to greet Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban on Wednesday on the occasion of her homecoming day. The Prime Minister said, ‘Awami League was formed from the people of the country and every achievement of the country has come through this party. Awami League is a people’s organization and it will work for the people, that is our only promise. Referring to the rest of the parties as robbers, he said, “They never work for the welfare of the people.” Therefore, everyone should be vigilant so that terrorists, murderers, or war criminals cannot play with the fate of the people. Unfortunately, vote thieves and robbers are now talking about the country’s democracy. Now we need to listen to the lessons of democracy from them. The Prime Minister said, ‘Awami League is the only party in the country, which has gained people’s trust by ensuring the right to vote by introducing transparent ballot boxes and preparing voter lists with pictures. The BNP-Jamaat alliance had prepared a voter list with 1 crore 23 lakh fake voters in the country to rig the elections. We will always be by their side in changing the destiny of the people. We will continue our work for them. The Prime Minister also said, ‘We will always stand by the people to change their destiny. As we came to power by winning their trust, we will do our work for them. He cited the example of the 2008 election and said, “BNP-Jamaat alliance won only 29 seats in that election.” The Awami League-led coalition got the remaining seats. This proves that the idea that Awami League and BNP are the same is wrong. The Prime Minister said, “We have to retain people’s trust and faith in Awami League. This faith and trust of the people of the country is our only strength. We have no power without it. He reminded the party leaders and activists that the dictator Ziaur Rahman tried his best to break the Awami League. The Prime Minister also said that Awami League has provided almost all the civic facilities to the remote villagers. Awami League has always stood by the people in any disaster. He also mentioned that this is how the party has gained people’s trust and confidence.

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