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Someshwari River is now Under the Control of Sand Pirates

Someshwari River in Bangladesh is being looted by illegal sand mining.

Someshwari River, which originates in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya, India, is now a mere trickle after being looted by illegal sand mining. Hundreds of illegal “Bangla dredgers” are extracting sand from the river every day, causing it to shrink and become severely damaged.

The Someshwari River is being plundered. For so long, the names of many rivers have been associated with words like occupation and pollution. But seeing the state of the hilly and fast-flowing Someshwari, it seemed that not only occupation and pollution, but a ruthless rampage was going on in its belly. As soon as you stand on the bank of Someshwari at the Bottala intersection in Birishiri, Netrokona, you can see its scarred face.

The ruling party people are extracting sand from the river under lease. But the terms of the lease are not being followed. There is no effective initiative from anyone to protect this river, which was once a sight to behold.

The loud sound of hundreds of “Bangla dredgers” (unlicensed dredgers) is spreading over an area of about one-and-a-half kilometers on both sides of the river. Polluted environment. Dire situation. If you stand on the bank of the scarred Someshwari for a while, your ears will almost close. Thousands of sand, pebbles, stones, and coal trucks are being lifted from the river daily.

Apart from the sand miners, truck drivers, and people monitoring the leaseholder, others are not seen much around the river. No one comes to visit to see the beauty of Someshwari anymore. The bank of Someshwari, which once used to come alive with the presence of beauty-loving tourists from different parts of the country, is now guarded by a special force deployed by sand pirates.

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