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Warner did not see his getting ‘life’ due to ‘Bison’

In Australia’s innings during the fifth over of the match, Shahin Afridi delivered a ball just outside the off-stump. David Warner attempted to hit the ball over the Warner Stand but couldn’t connect properly, and the ball went towards the mid-on region. What’s interesting is that Pakistan fielder Usama Mir, who was stationed there, couldn’t manage to catch the ball.

Usually, the batsman watches the ball when they play a shot, and when a catch is taken, it’s the fielder who mostly sees it. But in this case, the fielder missed the catch, and the batsman, David Warner, couldn’t see it either. The reason for this was a “bison” standing right behind. But there was no real bison on the field; it’s a metaphor.

In the video replay, it can be seen that after Warner played the shot, he momentarily looked towards the point area where Mitchell Marsh was fielding. Just a little behind Marsh was Usama Mir, who was standing a bit farther and fielding. So, the place where Warner was standing, and the way the catch was missed, suggests that it could have been blocked by Mitchell Marsh.

After Australia won the match by 62 runs, Warner jokingly said, “I actually didn’t see his catch drop. I was behind Bison (Mitchell Marsh). I didn’t even see the catch missed. It’s a different story when you’re the opening batsman. You have to give opportunities.”

But Pakistan fielder Usama Mir, who dropped Warner’s catch, has provided an interesting twist. After scoring 163 runs in the innings, Warner still had his sense of humor intact. On the other hand, Marsh played an innings of 121 runs for Australia. Jason Gillespie, the former pacer, humorously referred to Marsh as “Bison” in the Australian team, perhaps due to his large stature. Warner praised Marsh on his 32nd birthday, saying, “He told me he never scores like that on his birthday. So he’s happy. There’s no single. If you’re an opening batsman, it’s just the way it is. If you go to hit, you’ve got to give chances.”

Warner has tormented Pakistan on numerous occasions. After playing an innings of 179, 107, and 163 in three matches against Pakistan, he has faced Pakistan’s bowlers three times in the last six years. In these three matches, Warner scored 179, 107, and 163. In the process, he also shares the record for the highest average runs against any team, breaking Virat Kohli’s record. In the period from 2017 to 2018, Kohli had scored four centuries against the West Indies.

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