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Artificial intelligence ships will save drowning people

When one falls into the sea, surviving becomes difficult. Maritime accidents are now a regular occurrence in Scotland. Many lose their lives in such accidents. To ensure the safety of human lives in maritime areas, the Scottish company Jellum has developed an intelligent, autonomous rescue boat. The company has named this rescue boat ‘Guardian.’

The founder of Jellum is Sam Mayal, who has experience working as a sailor. He established Jellum in 2017 at the age of 22. The company now collaborates with various coast guard and firefighting organizations in the United States. The goal of the company is to innovate robust technology for artificial intelligence to create a reliable rescue solution. Mayal hopes that it will quickly rescue people and serve as a safe vessel for rescuers.

Mayal mentions that the current life-saving technologies used in the maritime industry are several decades old. The Guardian, developed by Jellum, is a self-propelled rescue boat that can save a drowning person without the need for a human driver. The company aims to set a new standard for safety in this field.

The advancement of artificial intelligence is evident in various fields, and its use is increasing. While self-driving cars are not yet prevalent, autonomous boats are gaining popularity. In the Netherlands, electric and self-propelled robotic boats are already in use. These boats help clean the canals alongside passengers, demonstrating the versatility of autonomous technology.

In the case of Jellum’s Guardian, the intelligent features of the boat can quickly identify a person in distress in the water. Using its “Swift” conveyor belt, it can lift the drowning person from the water. After the rescue, the boat provides a means of quick communication for further assistance.

In summary, Jellum’s Guardian is an innovative life-saving boat equipped with artificial intelligence. Its ability to swiftly identify and rescue individuals in distress showcases the potential of advanced technology in maritime safety.

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