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Letter to Biden to stop the war in Gaza, is also a case

The decision not to launch a military operation in Gaza in response to Hamas attacks has been maintained despite the continuous support for Israel from him. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remained adamant about not launching a military campaign in the Gaza Strip, despite the ‘request’ from US President Joe Biden. As a result, the number of casualties among ordinary Palestinians is increasing every day.

In this situation, nearly 400 government officials have alleged failure in the Israel-Palestine policy against Biden. According to a report published in The New York Times on Tuesday, these officials, working in about 40 offices, including the State Department, National Security Council, White House, and the Justice Department, have sent a letter to the President of the United States expressing their dissatisfaction.

The letter states, ‘We urge President Biden to be actively involved in achieving a ceasefire in Gaza. Humanitarian services, including water, electricity, and medical services, need to be restored there. In addition, arrangements must be made for the release of Israeli civilians held by Hamas.’

The first-line human rights organization, ‘The Center for Constitutional Rights’ (CCR), has filed a case against Biden for failing to address the allegations against him. The lawsuit filed in a California court alleges that the White House and the US State and Defense Departments have failed to address the allegations that the Israeli military is committing atrocities in Gaza. According to international and US law, the Biden administration has not taken steps to immediately suspend military aid to Israel, as requested in the case.

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