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‘We deserve it’, Guardiola fumes after draw with Palace

This isn’t about Manchester City? Still, the team might feel a bit rattled. Considering Manchester City’s recent performances, someone might be pondering this question. But perhaps it’s not the time to conclude Manchester City’s fate just yet. However, it’s fair to say that the team isn’t performing as well as expected. After staying winless in four matches, City returned with a win against Luton Town in the past week. However, they settled for a draw against Crystal Palace in their next match.

Despite leading 2-0 against Crystal Palace at their home ground last night, City couldn’t hold on to secure a win. They settled for a 2-2 draw after a dramatic turnaround, leaving Etihad Stadium with just one point. Coach Pep Guardiola expressed his disappointment, stating that the team didn’t achieve what they should have from that match.

In the last six matches, City has lost points in five games. Falling behind by one match more than leaders Liverpool, they’re trailing by 3 points at Etihad. If Liverpool wins against Manchester United tonight, this gap will widen. City is currently in fourth place with 34 points in 17 matches. Liverpool, at the top, has 37 points from 16 matches. Arsenal, with the same number of matches, has 36 points, and Aston Villa has 35 points.

In such circumstances, Guardiola seems unable to accept the team’s current situation. He said, “It’s not bad luck; it’s our own doing. We’ve dropped 2 points. When you give penalties like this, that’s what you deserve. We’ve created so many chances, and with the goals we’ve scored, you can see we can’t finish the games.”

At the last minute, it seems Guardiola isn’t ready to accept gifting the opponents a penalty. He thinks the team wasn’t alert enough in the box, resulting in conceding goals.

He mentioned, “Within 18 yards, you have to be very alert. We weren’t. Winning this match wasn’t what we deserved.”

Manchester City’s next match will be in the Club World Cup. On the night of December 19, they will face Japanese club Urawa Red Diamonds.

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