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Kings-Mohammedans final: Invitation to a new duel

The final has never been seen before in Bangladeshi football! Bashundhara Kings and Mohammedan Sporting Club have never faced each other in any championship final before. Today, at Sheikh Fazlul Haque Moni Stadium in Gopalganj, the Independence Cup football final is set to offer football enthusiasts a unique and thrilling match.

Pause for a moment at this juncture. The comparison between Mohammedan and Kings may seem a bit exaggerated to the traditionalists and football fans of this country. When comparing history and tradition, where does Mohammedan stand, and where do Kings stand?

Mohammedan’s past history is colorful, vibrant, adorned with the crown of success. Its crown is surrounded by the aura of perpetual success. How much nostalgia, past stories, and legends are embedded in this club! On the other hand, Kings’ emergence is a tale of a different era! In 2018, a club that came to play at the highest level of football in the country for the first time in 87 years is now facing off in their first championship final against an old club. What a story!

However, the current sentiment of the football enthusiasts is somewhat different. For them, the name Mohammedan is like an old song from the past. It feels good to listen to, but there is no new version. Just like many nostalgic youngsters who search for a new version of a lost song on YouTube, Mohammedan lacks that for them. A new version is needed. A fresh rendition of that song is required. Bashundhara Kings Club is now like the thriller series released by them. With every move, there is excitement, novelty. At the highest level, this club has brought a lot of innovation to Bangladeshi football.

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