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The night Messi was immortalized in ‘Argentine Heaven’

The story of Funtañaroza, a term used for Lionel Messi in Argentina, has been written by several friends in his “En Argentina He Venido” saga. One day, during a gathering at a barbecue party, they all realized that they had died. However, even after this sudden death, everyone was immensely happy. Why? Because, for them, when people discuss football while feasting on grilled meat, it means they are in heaven.

Though the tale of Funtañaroza revolves around football love and madness among Argentinians, it somewhat reflects reality. A country that has been without a World Cup for 36 years has to roar for multiple trophies, and even in the pursuit of victory, they find joy. They believe that when discussing football while devouring grilled meat, it signifies their presence in heaven.

While the story of Funtañaroza is fictional, sometimes reality echoes through such narratives. A country that has been without a World Cup for 36 years has to create such stories to keep their existence alive. Holding onto their culture, they believe that one day these stories or myths will come to life. The day when reality will surpass the realm of myths.

Just about a year ago, Messi embraced an extraordinary night in Doha, Qatar. A night that brought immeasurable satisfaction to Argentinian citizens and their global supporters who have been waiting for this moment every day for the past 12 months. It was a night that seemed like a celestial blessing, extracting something from the core of the Earth for a few individuals.

From that night onwards, a person named Lionel Messi became an eternal and brilliantly shining star alongside the “King Diego.” But from December 18, he is forever united with “King Diego” in eternity. A life dedicated to winning a World Cup, competing fiercely on all continents, and finally achieving victory in Asia. Now, it’s not just about winning, but about becoming a timeless hero, transcending the boundaries of time.

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