Israel’s attack on Palestine again
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Israel’s attack on Palestine again

Israel launched its second airstrike on Gaza in the middle of the night on Thursday (June 18th) in violation of the ceasefire. The first attack was carried out 24 hours earlier (June 17) in the morning.

The Israeli Defense Forces claim that device balloons are being sent from Gaza to southern Israel. The balloon caused fires in several parts of the country. Airstrikes are being carried out in Gaza in retaliation. Meanwhile, the Israeli fire service said that 20 such balloons were shot down.

A statement from the Israeli army said that the army had been instructed to be ready for any situation. He blamed Hamas for what was happening in the Gaza Strip and gave legitimacy to the attacks.

A Hamas spokesman acknowledged the Israeli attack was aimed at a specific area south of Gaza.

Hamas members openly fired machine guns after the Israeli attack. Israeli forces sounded the siren as a warning signal.

During the holy month of Ramadan, there were widespread clashes between Israel and Palestine. After 11 consecutive days of clashes, the clashes came to an end on May 21. At least 260 Palestinians, including children, were killed in 11 days of attacks. And 13 Israelis were killed in the Palestinian attack.

The second round of attacks on Gaza came shortly after the country’s newly formed coalition government, Naftali Bennett, took power.

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