Vaccines need to be declared a global public product: PM
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Vaccines need to be declared a global public product: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for declaring the coronavirus vaccine as a global commodity. She made the call in a speech at the Qatar Economic Forum, a virtual event held on Tuesday.

The Qatar Economic Forum is aimed at discussing the current state of the world economy, future prospects and challenges. Hundreds of world leaders, diplomats, academics and businessmen are giving video messages at the three-day conference, which began on Monday with the slogan “New Horizons for the Future”.

In her address, Sheikh Hasina called for immediate and concerted action to address the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic by expanding trade, commerce and investment for international prosperity. Emphasizing the need for ambitious climate action to meet the Paris Agreement, she suggested targeted international assistance to revive global trade and export earnings.

The Prime Minister said that to ensure sustainable and equitable action after the epidemic, we need an inclusive, sustainable and holistic recovery plan for participatory prosperity, we now need an overall global effort.

Sheikh Hasina said, the Covid-19 vaccine should be declared as a global public product and those developing countries and LDCs who have the capacity should provide necessary assistance for the development of the vaccine.

The Prime Minister called upon the public and private investors of Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries to take advantage of the excellent investment opportunities in Bangladesh, especially in the infrastructure sector, ICT, renewable energy, light engineering, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products. The Prime Minister also mentioned that the government is providing incentives for foreign investors in a wide range.

Sheikh Hasina also emphasized the need to stand together to strengthen pluralism against populism, anti-globalization and economic protectionism around the world.

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