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Save money, produce food: PM urges all, warns of tough days ahead

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked everyone to put in their best effort to increase food production amid a strong prediction of a severe food crisis followed by a famine worldwide next year.

during my recent visits to the UK and the USA I had talked to many world leaders and heads of organizations, and everybody was very much anxious about the issue (food security). They think that 2023 will be a very dangerous year when there might be famines and food crisis,” she said. The prime minister made the statement delivering her introductory speech in the weekly meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Committee (Ecnec) held at the NEC Bhaban in the city. She joined the meeting virtually from the Gono Bhaban.

“We must increase food production and preserve those. We must give special attention to preserving and processing food. Our land is very much fertile, and we must increase our food production,” she said. She reiterated her call to maintain austerity in every sphere of life, avoiding any unnecessary expenditure. “All must be cautious and maintain austerity in using electricity, fuel, water, gas and everything else. I will request every family to go for savings in whatever they can. This is applicable to our government as well,” she said.

She said the government would not go for any unnecessary expenditure. “We will just use whatever we need, not more than that. We do not have any scope for that. Because I saw anxiety among world leaders and heads of organization’s. So, we must maintain enough cautionary steps,” she said.  She said that the country needed to be free from the impact of the recession that is stemming from the Ukraine war.

Hasina also requested the Planning Commission not to spend their valuable time discussing inflation every time. “Because many countries around the world do not discuss this issue [too much]. The USA and the European countries …do not discuss very much about the issue in their own countries,” she said. “We also do not need any extensive discussion on this, but efforts should be there to keep prices of essentials within people’s reach. We will do whatever is needed,” she said.

About undertaking any project, she said that all must think about the maximum benefit for the people. “There is no need to jump in to undertake any unnecessary project when the fund is available. We must take projects following scrutiny so that we could get some return from that project, which will be beneficial to the country,” she said.

The prime minister stressed the need for completing the ongoing projects as quick as possible, even if they need some extra money. she also asked all the ministries to identify projects, which can be implemented slowly.





Collected: Daily star.

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