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Courtesy Meeting of Scottish Parliamentarians with the Speaker

Dhaka: A six-member delegation, led by Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, the Speaker of the National Parliament, and including Fazilatunnesa Bappy MP, under the leadership of MSP Fazal Choudhury, held a courtesy meeting with the Convener of the Cross-Party Group for Bangladesh-Scotland and Labor Party Member of Parliament, in the Speaker’s office at the National Parliament building on Sunday (November 19).

The meeting was held in the Speaker’s office at the National Parliament building on Sunday.

During the meeting, they discussed bilateral friendship, parliamentary sessions, the education system, parliamentary elections, and various other issues.

At this time, Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury said that there is a bilateral friendship between Bangladesh and Scotland. This relationship can be strengthened further through mutual exchanges of parliamentary friendship groups.

The Speaker said that according to the order of the President, there is a constitutional obligation to hold the next session within 60 days of one session of Parliament. The President gives a speech in the first session of the year, and five sessions are held in a year. Question-answer sessions are held for one hour each day, and every Wednesday, the Prime Minister answers various questions.

She said that the total duration of discussion in each session is decided in the business advisory committee meeting. The time is allocated for discussion, dividing it between the government and the opposition.

Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury said that Members of Parliament actively participate in discussions according to the decisions of the government and the opposition whip.

The Speaker said that there is no view of depriving the powerful party of power during the election period in any country in the world. The Election Commission will work diligently to conduct fair elections, and the government will continue to function as per its normal rules.

Fazl Choudhury, the Convener of the Cross-Party Group for Bangladesh-Scotland, and MP of the Labor Party, said that Bangladesh is advancing in the field of education. An international university campus can be established in Bangladesh. At this time, he congratulated Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury for serving as the first female Speaker of Bangladesh.

At this time, Deputy Convener of the Cross-Party Group and MP of the Conservative Party, Mail Bridget MSP, Evelyn Tweed of the National Party, June Hossain Choudhury, non-MSP member of the Bangladesh Affairs Group, Farhan Masood Khan, and Lutfur Rahman Khan were present as members of the delegation.

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