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The pressure on the capital will decrease through train services: Chief Whip.

National Assembly Chief Whip Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury has commented that the pressure on Dhaka, the capital, will decrease significantly through train services.

He said, ‘Countless people from our area reside in Dhaka. Many of them live in distress, inhumane conditions. If there is an opportunity to work in Dhaka through train from Shibchar, many will return to Shibchar.’

Responding to journalists’ questions during the inauguration of the new commuter train on the Dhaka-Bhanga route at Padma Bridge on Saturday (May 4) morning, he said, ‘We want the pressure on the capital to decrease gradually. We want them (people living in Shibchar) to return to Shibchar. Not only that, if the opportunity to work in Dhaka is provided from Shibchar, people from outside Shibchar will also start living in Shibchar.’

He further said, ‘If there is a railway network throughout Bangladesh, then, God willing, many problems of Dhaka city will be solved. In developed countries around the world, people have the opportunity to travel by train. In countries like India, Malaysia, people commute to work by rail. God willing, our dream will also come true!’

Railway Minister Zillul Haque inaugurated the new commuter train from Shibchar station on Saturday morning, along with Chief Whip of the National Assembly Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury and others concerned.

Incidentally, every morning at 7 am, the train will depart from Bhanga station and will reach Shibchar station, Padma station, and then Mawa station, finally arriving in the capital. Then, in the evening, it will return from Dhaka.

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