Withdrawal of suspension of Thai visa application from Bangladesh
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Withdrawal of suspension of Thai visa application from Bangladesh

The Royal Thai Embassy in Dhaka has announced that Thai visas can be re-applied from Bangladesh. The announcement was sent from the embassy on Sunday (September 19).

From Monday (September 20), those wishing to travel to Thailand will be able to apply for a Visa and Certification of Entry (COE), the statement said. However, applicants must comply with the country’s coronation rules. Corona vaccine should be given with 14 days quarantine.

Earlier, the Thai Tourism Department said those who completed two doses of Covid Ticker would no longer have to stay in quarantine for two weeks at hotels in four other provinces, including Bangkok.

Tourism is one of the mainstays of the Thai economy—Covid in situations that are severely damaged. In 2019, about four crore international tourists came to Thailand. In 2020, it decreased to about 6 lakh. Only 29,000 international tourists have visited the country this year.

The second wave of Kovid pushed the doors of Thailand closed for tourists. Later, the Thai administration allowed tourists to enter subject to conditions. There were also strict restrictions. The ‘Sandbox Scheme’ was introduced in Phuket. That said, two doses of Hu’s authorized tick must be given 14 days before entering Phuket. A negative RT-PCR test report must be submitted 72 hours before departure for Phuket.

As long as you stay in Phuket, you have to inform about your location and residence through the app. Must have Covid Health Insurance for big money.

It is learned that this ‘sandbox scheme’ has been relaxed and is being applied in other places as well. After October 21, you can also visit Chiang Rai, Sukhotai, and Rayong. Later Sumoi, Tao, Phangan can also be entered. However, there are reports that the restrictions will be a little stricter.

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